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concerned wife started this conversation

I live in central NY and my husband has had a lot of issues with his teeth due to neglect when growing up. He is in constant pain and the money to fix them is not there.  We have tried using our dental issurance to complete some work, but they qoute us $10, 000 to complete  it all.  That type of money we just don't have.  At this point they have removed most of his molars, but has not been able to afford to get dentures to replace them. Are there any programs out there that could help us with the cost so that he can no longer be in pain?  We are not looking to make his teeth beautiful, just useable.

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i just was approved for ss disability,but i dont get any kind of medical card til june of 2011,my doctor wants to do back surgury but requires my  bottom teeth fixed before he will do it.i have blue bross thru my wifes work,and cigna dental ppo,cigna will pay 1250.00 a year total,so i went to a dentist,i already have false teth for my uppers,this dentist took x rays,showed me a film then talked to me,he anted to put 4 implants so the new bottom teeth will snap in,he told me it would cost 9000.00,i called him back and said i just want them extracted and a regular bottom plate,he wanted almost 5300.00.the bottom plate was 1400.00 alone,so i called again and asked just for bottom extraction,wait till i heal then go for a bottom plate.he wants 3500.00.i dont have that kind of money,but my first visit when he took xrays and impressions and did nothing for my teeth he charged 674.00,that is 63% of what my insurance will pay all year,now i cant even consider getting any kind of work done.this guy is like jesse james,but he dont have to use a gun,why dont the government step in on people like this,it took over a year to get disability,i had no money comming in,my wife and i sold almost everything to get by,we were almost homeless,social services would not help,we got food from charities and church's.and now this guy is ripping me off,i cant get my back surgury without the dental work.any ideas??

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Suzanne From Seattle

My dentist is in Los Algodones (just across the border from Yuma, Arizona).


I've been there four times (six implants, one root canal, five extractions, 18 crowns) and have had excellent work.

If you'd like to read the 30-page journal from my first trip in 2006, email me at my address (SuzanneFromSeattle@ ).


Suzanne From Seattle



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I'm intereated in your experience w/Dental work in Mexico..I $16,000 in Costa Rica;



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 in response to mynewteeth...   Yeh but you can get a full set in Mexico for 0.
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hi there, its really , really sad that in a big country like the USA there are so many ppl with dental problems. and ppl from other country have to help.

i have dental problems too because we never had the money for the dentist bills. now i have insurance, but what does it cover?? i just got an estimate on over 3500 dollars for my teeth. so how am i gonna get that fixed?? who has this kind of money laying around. 

they told me my first visit would be 145 dollars out of my pocket, thats not too bad , but second visit would be 456 dollars?? OMG i never heard of these insane prices they have its just way out of line. and the thing is for ppl who doesn't make 6 figure incomes they just destined to have false teeth?? well you cant even afford them , they told me to get my top teeth pulled they are 12 and each 187 dollars to pull plus 930 for the denture?? its just so crazy these numbers i thought i gonna faint. 

so yes i dont have the money either to get them fixed. but i live in such a rich country. its just really sad.

Thank you.


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I can help you ...

 Please feel free to call or send an email with any questions you might have (

Dr. Nova , dentist in Dominican Republic

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This may sound like kind of a long shot, since I don't know what your whole situation is, but maybe you should look into getting all of his dental work done in Mexico.  There are plenty of qualified dentists there, and they can probably do it for a fraction of the cost.  Just a thought. I myself have never done this, but have a friend that needed several tooth implants, and went to Mexico to have it done.  He's very happy with the results, and it was thousands cheapers, even with the flight there and back.

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